Ephys and optogenetics workshop, April 24 – 26th

We have pleasure to announce the next Nencki Open Lab Workshop!

This time you will have an oportunity to learn about electrophysiological recordings and optogenetics. During the workshop we will go from basics (neuron biophysics, ion channels the design of the ephys setup) to practicals – building tetrodes and optic cannulas, using Arduino to control your optogenetic stimulation protocols, ephys data analysis and intepretation. We will discuss how to synchronize diffrent data streams and combine your recordings and stimulation with behavioral experiments.

During the workshop you will also have an unique opportunity to discussing your ideas and problems with experts!

Workshop will take place April 24-26th. You can find an application form here .

The cost of the workshop is 50 PLN. The deadline for applications is April 18th.

Teaching Assistants:

Mitra Javadzadeh is a PhD student in the Hofer lab at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre. She is interested in the long range communication between cortical visual areas. She employs in vivo multi-area simultaneous electrophysiological recordings and optogenetic perturbations. in her work

Mathias Mahn is a postdoc in Andreas Luthi Lab at Friedrich Miescher Institute. He likes tinkering with proteins, light, and electronics to get a better grasp of the interactions between brain areas. Currently he is looking into the influence of amygdala activity on cortical processing. Before that, he spent most of his days designing or characterizing light-gated proteins for neuronal inhibition in Ofer Yizhar’s lab at the Weizmann Institute.

Ivan Voitov is a PhD student in the lab of Prof. Thomas Mrsic-Flogel at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre. He is interested in the function of cortico-cortical loops. He uses in vivo methods of 2-photon calcium imaging and extracellular electrophysiology while the mice perform a behavioural task designed to dynamically engage visual working memory .

Kacper Kondrakiewicz is a PhD student in Laboratory of Emotions Neurobiology, Nencki Institute. He works on social coordination of behavior in rodents. He is interested in behavioral and computational neuroscience. .

Mateusz Kostecki is a PhD student in Nencki Institute. He works on social transmission of information in rodents; he is interested in nervous system evolution, developmental psychobiology and robotics.