Nencki School of Ideas in Neuroscience – Programme


  • Paul Cisek – Two histories of brain function
  • Eve Marder – Computational and Experimental Approaches to Understanding Degeneracy in Small Neuronal Circuits
  • Luiz Pessoa – Studying the brain as a deeply entangled and dynamic system
  • Adrien Doerig – How to approach consciousness scientifically?
  • Jacqueline Gottlieb – How the brain achieves dimensional reduction through self-regulation and meta-learning
  • Gregory Kohn- The development of behavior: Moving from mechanisms to the whole organism, and back again
  • Joel Z Leibo – Multi-agent reinforcement learning models of human cultural evolution and collective intelligence
  • Yukie Nagai – Cognitive Developmental Robotics: An embodied computational approach to neuroscience
  • Romain Brette – Integrative modeling of Paramecium, the swimming neuron


  • Nicole Nelson – The social transmission of theories about behavior and the link between theory and experiment
  • Jackie Sullivan – A role for diverse and adversarial theoretical perspectives in collaboratively improving methodology in neuroscience
  • Marcin Miłkowski – From theoretical neuroscience to theories in neuroscience

Thinking Tools

  • Wiktor Młynarski – How to apply theories to data
  • Mel Andrews – How to dialogue with data: feats and failures of mathematical modelling
  • Liad Mudrik – How to translate theoretical positions into empirical tests?