School of Ideas

It is often said that neuroscience desperately needs ideas.

            We are flooded by data and it is harder and harder to make sense of it. But, at the same time, most courses and workshops in neuroscience teach us experiental techniques, givingus more tools to gather even more data. But we are no taught how to develop ideas

            We believe that theoretical thinking and idea development is a skill – a skill that can be trained and developed. Our school will aim at teaching how to develop theoretical thinking, how to create ideas and put their research in a broader context. We want you to learn how to make sense of data.

            Our school will be divided in three parts – frameworks, metatheory and thinking tools workshops.

In the first section, selected theoretical frameworks will serve us as examples – together with their authors we will discuss how different theoretical frameworks can be applied to you research – but we will also trace how they were developed. In metatheory section, together with philosophers and historians of science we will look at how ideas were and are developed, and what factors foster their development. In the thinking tools section we will teach you how to think theoretically by building models, transgressing borders of your discipline, think creatively and critically – and how to find time to think.