Information for Ukrainian scientists

We stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian friends in the face of the Russian invasion.

We want to announce that all workshops, courses, and summer schools organized by Nencki Open Lab are stripped of fees for Ukrainian Ph.D. students and postdocs.

We want to share here all links that might be of use to Ukrainian scientists.

1. EMBO has launched a list of life scientists who are able to offer assistance to researchers displaced from Ukraine.

2. Scienceforukraine gathers info about labs positions, accomodation, and funding for Ukrainian scientists

3. The list of labs supporting Ukrainian scientists with open positions. You can add your lab HERE

4. The Polish Academy of Sciences introduces a new tool supporting Ukrainian researchers in Poland.

5. Research positions at Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies for scientists from Ukraine

6. Ukrainian scientists in Poland can get help and information from the Academy of Young Scientists PAS

7. Polish PhD Students council provides email adress offering help for Ukrainian PhD students: sos_ua[at]