Optics and Microscopy Workshop, Jan 20-22

We are happy to announce our next workshop – a brief, hands-on introduction to basic optics and microscopy!

The aim of the school is to help you build an intuition for optics,
allowing you to reason about optical systems found in the lab (and in publications).

In three days, we will go from the strange behavior of individual photons, over lenses and geometric optics, to building our own bright-field and fluorescence microscope. You will image neurons (hopefully!), and understand every last bit of how that image came to be (this is a certainty!).

People of all backgrounds are welcome, no math/physics are required; we only ask for the drive to deeply understand a topic, and joy for tinkering and discussion. Given the short format and ambitious goals, prepare for long days (9:30-21:00+)!

The deadline for registration is Jan 8th, the cost of the school is PLN 250 (but we provide fee waivers if needed). Please find the registration form HERE.


Fred Marbach is a postdoc at Marcus Stephenson Jones lab at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre at UCL. He is working on dopaminergic system in mice; he has a vast experience in teaching optics and microscopy – he was an instructor at CSHL Optics Course and Transylvanian Experimental Neuroscience Summer School.