Nencki School of Ideas in Neuroscience 2022

Warsaw, July 3-8th 2022

The first edition of our school aimed to teach how to develop theoretical thinking, how to create ideas, and put empirical research in a broader context.

Our speakers were:


  • Eve Marder (Brandeis University)
  • Luiz Pessoa (University of Maryland)
  • Yukie Nagai (University of Tokyo)
  • Paul Cisek (University of Montreal)
  • Romain Brette (l’Institut de la Vision)
  • Jacqueline Gottlieb (Columbia University)
  • Adrien Doerig (Donders Institute)
  • Joel Z Leibo (DeepMind)


  • Nicole Nelson (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
  • Jackie Sullivan (Western University)
  • Marcin Miłkowski (University of Warsaw)


  • Liad Mudrik (Tel Aviv University)
  • Mel Andrews (University of Cincinnati)
  • Wiktor Młynarski (IST Austria)

The school took place July 3-8 2022 in Warsaw, in the beautiful surroundings of the Jazdów estate, in Finnish wooden houses run by NGOs that host workshops, seminars, and conferences (