About us

We believe that what we are currently witnessing an open – source revolution in neuroscience. Each month new open tools are published and the advantage of this revolution is becoming obvious – overpriced commercial equipment, often unaffordable for smaller labs, is now not the only alternative. But openness is much more than that – it means that everybody can contribute to the development of tools, which in consequence leads to their constant improvement. Moreover, the popularity of open software and hardware leads to a greater standardization of science – the more people use a certain tool, the easier it is to replicate results, what is a cure for current reproducibility crisis. Unfortunately, though, openness still doesn’t mean equal access – using open tools very often requires expertise (in programming and electronics) and it is usually easier to use them in well-established laboratories. Smaller labs, especially from Middle-Eastern Europe still face many obstacles when trying to implement some of those methods.

The aim of our project thus will be to give researchers from Nencki Institute and other institutions in middle-eastern Europe a set of skills that will enable them to take advantage of all those tools. We will organize workshops in four areas – from electronics and programming, trough 3D printing to optics.  We want those workshops to be problem-oriented and allowing participants to use acquired skills immediately in their laboratory work.  All of them will be free!

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