The School of Ideas Journal Club

The aim of our journal club is to discuss theoretical and philisophical papers related to neuroscience and cognitive sciences. The journal club is organized on Wednesdays, 4:30 PM at Nencki Insitute.

November 30th 2022

Faust, K. M., Carouso-Peck, S., Elson, M. R., & Goldstein, M. H. (2020). The origins of social knowledge in altricial species. Annual review of developmental psychology2, 225.

November 2nd 2022

Nelson, N. C. (2013). Modeling mouse, human, and discipline: Epistemic scaffolds in animal behavior genetics. Social Studies of Science, 43(1), 3-29.

October 19th 2022

1) Doerig, A., Sommers, R., Seeliger, K., Richards, B., Ismael, J., Lindsay, G., … & Kietzmann, T. C. (2022). The neuroconnectionist research programme. arXiv preprint arXiv:2209.03718.

October 5h 2022

1) Kaplan, D. M., & Bechtel, W. (2011). Dynamical models: An alternative or complement to mechanistic explanations?

2) Miłkowski, M. (2016). Explanatory completeness and idealization in large brain simulations: A mechanistic perspective

September 19 th 2022

1) Bickle, J. (2022). Tinkering in the Lab. In The Tools of Neuroscience Experiment (pp. 13-36). Routledge.