Nencki Open Lab Retreat

We are happy to announce our 2022 retreat!

It will be a great opportunity to join our project, learn what we do and discuss your research (or research ideas!) with us!

We are organizing an event that will combine integration, scientific activities, and workshops, and will be a great opportunity to join our project!. 

The schedule includes informal short seminars by all participants about our research projects –  the main intention here is to provide a forum for you to highlight any challenges that you’ve encountered (with techniques, equipment, data analysis, or something else) so that we can discuss and support each other as a community. We will also organize a short (2h) workshop about the organization of scientific events – workshops, symposia, conferences, and summer schools. 

2021 retreat

Other activities may also include: walking around, playing board games, and talking. A lot of talking.

Retreat will be organized 5-6 November in Nałęczów in Eastern Poland. The cost of accomodation is covered by our project!

Please fill the registration form HERE.