Deep Learning Workshop, June 10-12th

We would like to invite you to the lat workshop this year!

Deep Neural Networks have many successful applications in the recent past among which there are: objects recognition, language understanding, robotic or car movement and many more. They also grow a lot of public attention which leads to many unrealistic expectations and misunderstandings.

During the workshop we will present a theoretical basis of Deep Neural Networks as well as a simple yet powerful way of creating such networks which will be capable of object and pattern recognition as well as learning from the reinforcement feedback.

All algorithms will be explained so that the participants can easily understand what are the basics of the artificial neural network and what are the main challenges during the development.

We recommend that participants should have a basic knowledge of Python programming. Workshop will take lace June 10-12th. The deadline for application is May 30th, application form can be found here.

Workshops will start 10 AM and last till 6 PM.

Wladyslaw Sredniawa

MS in Biomedical Physics and Molecular Biology. PhD student of the Warsaw University involved in neuroinformatics projects including multielectrode signal analysis, biological neural networks modeling and performing neurobiological experiments. Experienced teacher in basic programming in Python.

Ziemowit Slawinski

PhD student of the Nencki Institute in the laboratory of Neuroinformatics. Deep Neural Networks researcher for companies such as: Hoffmann La Roche and Samsung Research Institute. Experienced in creating artificial neural networks for: language understanding and generation, reinforcement feedback learning and object recognition. Currently working on simulations of calcium dynamics driven by neuron’s electrical activity and calcium/calmodulin activated signalling pathway.