Behavioral experiment design with Bonsai and Arduino, Jun 30 – Jul 2nd


We are happy to announce our new workshop – Behavioral experiment design with Bonsai and Arduino.

Bonsai is an open visual programming language used in neuroscience for the development of behavioural paradigms with animal and human subjects. You can use Bonsai to track an animal with a camera, deliver visual or auditory stimuli, create virtual reality and combine it with Arduino to control lasers, automated doors, stimulus delivery systems and synchronize different setups – and many, many more. 

More about Bonsai can be found here.

The aim of the workshop will be to develop a closed – loop behavioural paradigm, in which a robot will be tracked and the environment will change depending on its behavior. You will learn the basics of Bonsai and Arduino programming. During the last day of the project, you will be also able to discuss your ideas and ask us how to implement skills from the workshop in your everyday research practice.      

Please find a registration form here .


The workshop will take place 10AM – 3 PM each day. The fee is 120 PLN.