Deep Lab Cut Workshop, Sept 23 th

DeepLabCut is a pose estimation framework developed in Mackenzie Mathis Lab, used to track arbitrarily selected body parts of an animal from your video data. Aim of this workshop will be to learn how to use DeepLabCut in multianimal pose estimation and what to do with the data.

We will be creating a project either on provided or own data and will go through the whole workflow, closely examining the most important steps, trying to overcome the most common new user hurdles as well as built upon our knowledge from previous DLC workshops. We will also cover basics of DLC tracking data analysis: ROI analysis, measurment of thedistance covered by an animal and its velocity.

To take part in our workshop, all you’ll need is a laptop (Windows, Linux, MacOS are all fine). All instructions on how to install necessary software will be provided before the workshop and participants are expected to have everything installed on the day of the workshop – contact in case of any issues. Participants without previous experience with DLC are most welcome!

Workshop will take place Sept 23th at 10 AM in Nencki Institute. Please find the application form here.


Konrad Danielewski is a PhD student in Knapska Laboratory. He is interested in using machine learning methods for behavioural data analysis. He is a member of Deep Lab Cut team.