Basic electronics for neuroscientists, Oct 28-29 th

Basic knowledge in electronics is necessary prerequisite for every neuroscientist. You will need it to build your own amplifier to record a sniffing pattern of a mouse; it will allow you to fully understand how is your electrophysiological setup working and to appreciate what is really happening inside of a cell during an action potential.

This workshop is intended to provide you with theoretical and practical knowlege about electronics:

  • Theoretical introduction – current, voltage, resistance, Ohm’s Law, Kirchoff’s laws
  • Basic tools in electronics – multimeters, oscilloscopes
  • Resistors, diodes, capacitors
  • DC and AC
  • Filters, amplifiers
  • Analog sensors, motors, servos
  • Transistors, switches, logic gates, integrated circuits

Participants will receive kits with all the necessary elements; the workshop will be focused on practical exercises.

The cost of the workshop is 70 PLN. You can find the application form HERE.

Workshop will be organized between 9AM – 4 PM.


Mateusz Kostecki is a PhD student in Nencki Institute. He works on social transmission of information in rodents; he is interested in nervous system evolution, electronics and robotics.

Ula Włodkowska Ula Włodkowska is a PhD student in Spatial Memory Lab at Nencki. She works on spatial engram evolution at different time points during learning and changes in involvement of hippocampal-cortical interactions throughout the process. A former software developer, she is interested in computational neuroscience, electronics and IoT.