Nencki Open Lab Python Course, Oct – Jan, Mondays 10 AM – 12 PM

The course will provide you with a computer hardware overview and the basics of Python programming. You will use open source tools for data analysis and visualization with packages such as NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib (and don’t worry if these words don’t mean anything to you, we will start with the basics); the course will improve your programming and analytical skills. Towards the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to implement these skills on a group project.

The course is meant to be general, but if you have any specific questions concerning the use of Python in your everyday research practice, we will be happy to answer them!  

Prerequisites for this course are strong motivation, capacity to participate in all classes and a laptop. People who attend more than 80 % of the course will be eligible for 2 ECTS credits


The workshop will take place 10AM – 12PM on Mondays, starting Oct 18th, until late January. Please find the registration form here. We wait for applications until Oct 12th.  The room will accommodate up to 12 participants. The fee is 750 PLN. If you are not eligible for any funding, just let us know, we can provide you with a discount!


Andrew Want (Laboratory of Preclinical Testing of Higher Standard)

Łucja Doradzińska (Laboratory of Brain Imaging)

Urszula Włodkowska (Laboratory of Spatial Memory)

Aleksander Zębrowski (Laboratory of Brain Imaging)

Natalia Rutkowska (Laboratory of Brain Imaging)

Ilke Guntan (Laboratory of Epileptogenesis)

Katarzyna Skowrońska (University of Warsaw)

Mateusz Kostecki (Laboratory of Emotions Neurobiology)