Arduino in Science Workshop, Dec 8-9

Arduino is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use microcontroller platform that gives almost infinite possibilities. It allows you to make devices that can improve and automatize your research, such as:

  • Temperature, light, humidity sensors that save the data on your computer or on a SD card
  • Controller that triggers an LED or a laser in your optogenetic experiment
  • Behavioural setup, with automated doors, movement sensor and food/water dispensers
  • Lickometer that measures the water consumption by a mouse
  • Suction or syringe pumps
  • Automated stereotactic arm
  • And many more!

During the workshop, you will learn how to program Arduino to build similar devices: you will work with different types of sensors, diodes, motors and other elements. The workshop will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to make useful lab devices by yourself. No previous knowledge of electronics or programming is required!

Please find the application form here. The deadline for applications is Nov 24th.